Karamea offers a variety of short walks, catering for different age groups and varying levels of fitness. There will be something to suit you.

Birdwatchers Estuaries: We have several estuaries in and around Karamea. They are well worth a visit. Bird life is plentiful, with pied stilts, black swans, oyster catchers, blue herons, and occasionally a white heron. You can walk for miles, and follow small tidal inlets, but watch the tide.

Flagstaff (1 hour plus): Via the road to the aerodrome. Turn left at the junction to go down to the beach, known locally as the Flagstaff. Prior to the 1929 Murchison Earthquake, which caused the harbour to silt up, Karamea had a busy port. 60 minutes plus for a workout round the sandspit which frequently changes! Sea and river mouth access. Fishing in season.

Karamea Riverbank and Estuary Walk (45 minutes plus): An enjoyable evening stroll, beginning behind the Domain, or via the river access at the end of Wharf Road. Follow along the river down to the mouth. Tide permitting, you can check out the bird life and return through the estuary walkway, linking up with the end of Ray Street.

Big Rimu Tree (45 minutes return): This track is a short walk through lush native bush to a large rimu tree. The track starts 7 kilometres up the Umere Road.

Lake Hanlon (20 minutes one way): 20 kilometres south of Karamea a signpost on the Highway indicates the short walk to this tranquil and picturesque lake.

South Terrace Zig Zag Track (60 minutes return): This track was originally used by the early settlers, and starts approx 2.5km up the Arapito side of the Karamea River. It takes you up onto the South Terrace. Lookouts give great views north of Karamea, and of the river flats and farm land. If you continue along the old roadline, you will find the old cemetery that was used by the first European settlers on the South Terrace. Carry on walking past the old cemetery, and you will come to the end of the road which gives access from the South Terrace. Mountain biking is not permitted on this Heritage track.